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On Sunday 26 September 2021, six of our volunteers – armed with mattocks, forks and rakes – trouped down Copenhagen Street to help Clare Spencer clear rubbish from the corner of Bemerton Street, and to dig the rock-hard soil and clear it of old grass. That took five hours of very hard work.

Clare was given three days' notice to prepare the ground. and to organise transport from Granary Square, for 100 sq m of very expensive flowering wild-meadow turf to lay on the 120sq m of the corner. She got it done – she even chased passers-by to volunteer.

It will be a beautiful corner next year– go to have a look. Sadly there was no turf left over for Thornhill Gardens but it was a real pleasure for our volunteers to help Clare, who had been motivated buy seeng the progress in Thornhill Gardens.


2021.9.13 flowering wild meadow.jpg
2021.9.7 need mattock to break ground.jpg
2021.9.14 all laid out!.jpg
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